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3M Peltor Boom Assembly with Dynamic Microphone


3m Peltor Wholesaler now selling direct to the end user

Pilot Communications (Europe) Ltd have been selling Peltor for over 20 years and before Stan Moncrieff formed Pilot in 1996 he was in fact Managing Director of Peltor Ltd, so we at Pilot have a long association with Peltor.


Up until the end of 2019 we sold only to resellers so you might not have heard of us. Now we are able to sell direct to end users we will give you the best possible price with no gimmicks, such as “Price Match” or “Contact us if you are quoted a better price”, we offer you the best price we can straight away.


We do not make false claims such as “All our technicians are 3mPeltor trained” or “Our workshop is 3m Peltor approved”. All repairs and service sent to us are carried out by 3m Peltor Technicians at 3m Peltors facility.


We do not claim to be a Peltor Platinum dealer which sounds very impressive but that scheme ceased to exist over 10 years ago.


Our aim is to offer you Quality 3m Peltor products at affordable prices with no gimmicks or false claims.


Whist the website is being constructed, please e-mail 3mpeltor@pilot-europe.com with any questions you may have